Here's what to do to turn your small portions into vouchers

Here’s what to do to turn your small portions into vouchers

Who hasn’t kept small pieces and not really knowing what to do with them? They always have the unfortunate tendency to be either not particularly useful, or almost as heavy on the wallet. And for good reason! They are rarely needed to finance races or complete a somewhat expensive purchase. Also, targeting them in general is frowned upon. Now, what to do? Some people sometimes decide to save them before bringing them to the bank to deposit them in their account.. That being said, check it out Our time, this is not the only way to earn money. This is also possible Go through the voucher terminals.

Voucher Terminals and Small Change: What Exactly?

In fact, our colleagues explain itA capable machine Exchange your little red coins in the voucher valid In most supermarket chains. The newspaper highlights some of the favorite establishments of French men and women: Achan, LeclercThe U-structure, Crossroads Where Cora

In practice, around 1100 terminals are listed in the region, usually located at the entrance of the concerned outlet.

There are two types of terminals: Created by American company Coinstar, which charges a commission of 9.9% of the deposited amount, but it allows you to redeem your change in a voucher after paying at the cash desk. However, the voucher must be spent at the store where the device is hosted. Other terminals are manufactured by the French company Eurocycler Before it was withdrawn in 2018, no commission was charged and vouchers could be used everywhere…within the one month limit in which they were issued. and with the condition that the purchase money should not be touched.

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