This autonomous robot is capable of recharging your electric car anywhere

This autonomous robot is capable of recharging your electric car anywhere

Charging your electric vehicle in a regular parking lot is what EV Safe Charge offers, with its robot called Ziggy. The latter may settle well The problem with charging points is that there aren’t enough of them today. According to the latest figures from the Ministry of Energy Transition and Aware-France, there are 64,546 charging points in our country, while the objective is 100,000 in 2021. Future science.

Los Angeles (USA)-based EV Safe Charge has developed a robot-charger capable of moving around parking lots. It allows, initially, to reserve a space and then recharge the vehicle.

Operated by a human

To do this, the driver must reserve a parking space online, either through the application or from his electric car. The robot stops at this location while waiting for the customer to arrive. All he needs to do is scan the QR code to verify the order and connect the Ziggy to his car. After recharging, the owner or operator of the car park disconnects the robot so that it can return to its base and/or start a new task.

The Ziggy is equipped with a lithium-ion battery that can deliver 19.2 kWh. The robot has GPS, camera, distance-measuring lidar, microphone and speakers. It should be fitted with screens soon. For now, the robot is operated remotely by a human.

Production from 2023

With this system, the customer does not need to find a special place to charge his electric vehicle and does not have to move it after charging. Ziggy makes it possible for car park operators not to do the work of creating special spaces with charging points.

Production of the robot will begin in 2023. In addition to car parks, offices, hotels or shopping and entertainment centers, EV Safe Charge devices are also looking to be added.

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