Emmy is selling its stake in Ambrosi in Italy

Emmy is selling its stake in Ambrosi in Italy

Birds are able to withstand heat waves, the Swiss Ornithological Center said on Monday. However, we can help them by providing them with a suitable environment or a cup of fresh water.

Birds are able to cope with heat waves thanks to adaptations that make their lives easier. Their body temperature is around 41°C, making them more heat tolerant than humans.

They generally tolerate their body temperature rising up to 46 degrees Celsius. Birds do not lose much fluid because their remains contain very little water. They don’t sweat, and reduce fluid loss, but it makes it harder to get cold.

To cool down, they pant like dogs. When inhaling through an open beak, the water evaporates and releases heat.

Reduced operations

Birds also reduce their movements when they’re hot, according to their behavior. They limit their activity to the cooler hours of the morning and evening, seek out shady spots, bathe, and drink frequently.

Native shrubs and bushes are very valuable in gardens. They provide shade, cool the environment and provide food in the form of insects. The same goes for green facades.

If birds are thirsty, they can easily fly to water; So you don’t worry about them. However, they appreciate a small bowl or cup filled with water to drink or refresh themselves if the water is changed every day to ensure good hygiene.

Swifts fell from the nest

In addition, the ornithological station reports that on hot summer days, young swifts suffer from heatstroke, because in the nests located under the tiles, the temperature can exceed 50 ° C.

Not yet able to fly, the chicks attempt to escape by crawling over the edge of the nest and dropping to the ground. Without help, they die because the parents do not feed them outside the nest. So it is necessary to bring them to a care center so that they can be given professional help.


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