Discrimination – Hijab rejects 65% of job applications in Holland, Spain and Germany (Estimated)

Discrimination – Hijab rejects 65% of job applications in Holland, Spain and Germany (Estimated)

A survey found that 65% of Muslim women in the Netherlands were rejected for job applications because they attached a hijab photo to their CV without being invited to a job interview. Oxford British University.

According to the same study published by alyaoum24, the same thing happens in almost the same proportions in Spain and Germany. In addition to the veil, mention in the CV of a voluntary activity in a religious center or an Islamic charity also leads to the rejection of the application of Muslim women.

+ “Banning the hijab is not discriminatory”, according to the CJEU +

As a reminder, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) ruled in July last year that the ban on the veil at work was not discriminatory.

“A prohibition on wearing overt expressions of political, philosophical or religious beliefs may be justified by the employer’s need to project an image of neutrality towards customers or to avoid social conflict,” the court said. The press release also, in a ruling, held that banning the wearing of visible religious symbols is not discriminatory as it applies to all religions.

However, according to the CJEU, “in the absence of such a neutral principle, it is crucial that the employer has demonstrated that his freedom of organization would be impeded as he would suffer negative consequences due to the nature of its activities. The environment in which they are carried out”.

Article 19. Ma

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