EU and NATO worried about "Super Mario" exit: Rome's support for Kiev is questionable

EU and NATO worried about “Super Mario” exit: Rome’s support for Kiev is questionable

Their two parties, the neo-fascist Brothers of Italy (Fratelli d’Italia) and the Anti-Immigration League, have combined voting intentions of 40%, according to the last two polls, the results of which have been published. A few months before the election. If Silvio Berlusconi’s right-wing party, Forza Italia, joins them, expectations indicate that the right-wing coalition will win 45-48% of the vote.

Apart from European Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni, he strongly condemned those who instigated the resignation of the Italian Prime Minister. “Lack of Responsibility”, Initial reactions from Western leaders have been muted. French President Emmanuel Macron, for example, praised one “Great Politician”.

But the tone was different behind the scenes, as a diplomat working in Rome told Europeans “Worried Because Mr. who went to Q last June. Draghi, with E. Macron and Olaf Scholz, the German chancellor, “is an important stabilizing factor”, Add: “This must continue. Unrestricted political, economic and military support for Ukraine, regardless of the political color of the future government. »

Luca Siriani, head of the “Brothers of Italy” faction in the Senate, condemned some liberal headlines in the Italian press on July 20. “Fake news warning that barbarians are at the gate” From Rome. “We have demonstrated our seriousness in foreign policy by standing with Italy, the European Union, NATO and Ukraine, which may cost us dearly in the elections”, he added.

The leader of the Brothers of Italy G. Meloni unequivocally condemned the Russian attack and supported aid to Kiev. But the leader of the right-wing Italian party “League”, Admiring Vladimir Putin Mr. Salvini, it is difficult to distinguish himself from this painting, while the former Italian Prime Minister S., a personal friend of the Russian president. Berlusconi was completely silent.

said geopolitical scientist Alfio Chiarizza “A conservative national coalition, coupled with high internal tensions associated with the three parties’ differing positions on international issues, would adopt a policy of torture”. He warned that Italy’s commitment to NATO “Can’t Revise”, But it is “We can see isolated moves by the ruling parties that undermine confidence in our country and weaken Western policy towards Putin.”

In his editorial, the world He expressed his fear “The geopolitical chaos of the return to power of these organizations with a past of honoring Vladimir Putin during the next elections, energy concerns as winter approaches. »

On Thursday, Ukraine’s president issued a diplomatic tweet in which he praised Draghi and expressed confidence that Rome would stand by Kyiv. “Heartfelt thanks to Mario Draghi for his unwavering support for Ukraine in the fight against Russian aggression and for defending the common European values ​​of democracy and freedom”, He wrote. “We will continue to work on strengthening the cooperation between Ukraine and Italy, and I believe that the Italians will continue their active support for Ukraine”, Added Volodomir Zelensky.

According to a European diplomat, another fundamental issue in the minds of Westerners is, “ The next government will continue Mario Draghi’s enormous efforts to reduce Italy’s dependence on Russian energy”. Earlier in the week, the resigned prime minister signed a major deal to buy gas from Algeria.

In a notable moment, Russian group Gazprom’s supplies to Italy jumped 70% on Thursday to 36 million cubic meters of gas per day, against 21 million cubic meters daily in recent days., A pro-NATO magazine said “It’s hard not to associate it with Mercury, where all indicators converge on the collapse of the Draghi-led National Unity Government, which backs the EU and NATO. But the reality is that on Thursday, Russia partially restored gas supplies to other European countries. North stream.

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