This great innovation makes Instagram still compete with TikTok!

Instagram concurrence encore TikTok avec cette grande nouveauté !

Our colleagues at BFM TV have reported that Instagram is once again competing with TikTok with this innovation.

It makes one wonder if Instagram will stop copying TikTok. result, One of the innovations of the application It proves that both companies are pulling the plug and trying to look the same. But what is it really about?

An inspiration to all

But fans of Metta’s social network could easily disagree with us. Other social networks also claim to be copying Instagram. And they wouldn’t be wrong, because it’s been around for years. In fact, Snapchat is inspired by its competitor, for example.

Like taking inspiration from Instagram TikTok or Twitter. It is a purely logical battle. This way everyone can use it to attract more customers. Finally, everyone finds their account on the Internet.

For example, Insta users were able to find their favorite app Inspired by Twitter for its popular “mentions”.. While this action doesn’t change the course of things, some have pointed out the stealth.

Despite everything, we can find a lot of qualities in Instagram. As the social network has been fighting for years. Trying to stop hateful behavior on her social network and put an end to harassment.

In the latest release, Meta App He welcomed the great progress Done at this point. And no doubt it will continue on this path to eradicate this scourge completely.

But what interests you most in this article is to know what is the new “steal” of Insta compared to TikTok. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You have to go down a few lines to find it.

Instagram is copying TikTok

Everything happens at the reels level. These popular videos were already similar to Tiktok’s video. In this case, we recently devoted an article to tell you how sponsored. To know more, You have to click there.

Given the current facts, Our colleagues from BFM Notify that all videos posted on Instagram will now be posted. It is no longer a different format from lambda video. All videos will become real.

It is from July 21. In fact, You can post more simple videos. They last more than 15 minutes. But no one posts videos of this length on Meta’s social network. Everyone will undoubtedly agree with us.

It was on Twitter that the Instagram boss gave the details of the innovation. “Reels offer a very deep way. More fun to watch and create videos ». He said in a tweet a few hours ago.

Whether this will appeal to all users remains to be seen. For those who don’t like TikTok, So they can be on Instagram Take advantage of this development. On the other hand, those who find their social network too close to the Chinese app will be disappointed.

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