The IMF has laid out its new strategy


The International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Friday adopted a gender equality strategy that aims to integrate this factor into all its activities with the aim of “more inclusive and equitable economic growth and resilience”.

“This means, in a more systematic way, examining the macroeconomic consequences of gender inequalities, when they are decisive at this level, assessing the effects of shocks and policies on each gender and providing accurate and strategic advice in the macroeconomic and financial sectors, as well as capacity. Development. support,” said Kristalina Georgieva, executive director of the fund.

She added in a statement in Washington, “Crises, including epidemics and wars, have dire consequences for women’s lives and livelihoods, exacerbate the effects of climate change and exacerbate global fragility. These changes exacerbate existing gender inequalities and, increasingly, IMF member countries are developing their policies to implement measures that take these issues into account.

“Mainstreaming gender equality at the IMF begins with recognizing that narrowing gender gaps go hand in hand with stronger economic growth, stronger economic stability and resilience, and reduced gender inequality. Well-designed macroeconomic, structural and fiscal policies can contribute to concrete and inclusive outcomes and empower women, girls and generally will equally benefit society,” he continued. And to conclude that “successful implementation of this strategy will help Member States achieve more inclusive and equitable economic growth and resilience”. When women win, nations win.

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