Canon pushes its EOS R3 at 195 fps with bursts

Canon pushes its EOS R3 at 195 fps with bursts

Updates don’t stop over the summer and Canon takes the opportunity to change the software of some boxes. The sporty EOS R3 monoblock is also equipped with a 195 fps burst mode and a 240p video slow motion mode in Full HD!

Burst up to 195 fps

Canon EOS R3 owners can enjoy the new high-speed burst mode. In fact, on July 22, Canon is releasing firmware update 1.20 for its case. The main function added is the new Burst mode, which allows you to capture 195 fps, all in RAW + JPG, at 24 MPX full definition and with autofocus tracking.

But only in a set of 50 images

This feature allows it to compete with the EOS R3 Nikon Z9, it has a burst mode at 120 fps, but only at 11 Mpx jpeg (compared to 45 Mpx for the Z9’s maximum definition). There is one more wolf. In this burst mode, the R3 can only record 50 frames at a time.

I mean, even if the CFexpress type B card writes faster, 195 fps is only theoretical, and talking about 50 frames per 1/4 second would be nice… even if the function is limited, no. Some photographers are skeptical that it will be useful during special events.

Slow motion video in 240p

In addition to this photo speed increase, the video mode has not been forgotten, and the EOS R3 can now capture slow motion sequences at up to 240p, against 120p previously, all still in full HD. The box can also attach images in focus projection mode or allow streaming in an RTP stream. Some bugs have also been fixed.

Like R3, EOS-R5 And R6With their firmware update 1.60, the jpeg file also gets a conversion.

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