Heat Warnings: Humidex 40+ expected

Heat Warnings: Humidex 40+ expected

It is difficult to withstand humidity

Most of the moisture will be felt today with all the pumps coming from the Gulf of Mexico. In parts of southern Quebec, the index can climb to 40 or higher, posing a number of hazards. The degree of discomfort varies greatly depending on the Humidex. Sweating abilities are inhibited due to high humidity. So the regulation of the body is affected. Meanwhile, the maximum temperature will cross 30 degrees Celsius.

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Good to know: There are two possible criteria for an extreme heat warning to be issued: the temperature may reach 30°C and the Humidex may exceed 40 or the temperature may exceed 40°C.

Sticky weekend

Fortunately, this crushing weather won’t last very long. In fact, as of Thursday, the Humidex will be down. However, you should plan for a very sticky weekend, as temperatures are expected to hover around 35. It’s not until early next week that the dew point drops enough for the lower air to be very pleasant.

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