What is Calimero Syndrome?

What is Calimero Syndrome?
Inspired by a popular cartoon character, Calimero syndrome in psychology refers to people who complain a lot. Adobe stock

Psychology – Complaining is a normal and human response, but it’s all about proportion.

Remember… Calimero, a poor black chick wearing a half-broken eggshell on her head, had many setbacks and repeated to anyone who would listen: “It’s so unfair”. From this cartoon character created in Italy in the 1960s, The world of psychology Made a named disorder. “Calimero syndrome is a tendency to complain, Psychologist and author Saverio Tomasella explains Calimero syndrome (Pocket Book). It is necessary to express what is wrong, especially the injustices that we suffer or others suffer. »

Like the unfortunate little bird, we sometimes complain. Everything happens there, or almost there: bad weather, politics, this cold that’s upon us, suffering in the world, time passing too quickly, scarcity. Acknowledgment Benefit in office or family, high cost of living, extra pounds…unfair, very unfair.

The pros and cons of complaints

“Stop complaining!”

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