Chris Evans (Captain America) Explains Why He Doesn’t Want New iPhones

Chris Evans, world famous for his role as Captain America, is a daily iPhone user. However, the actor is facing some issues with his iPhone 12 Pro and explains why.

Problem with Captain America’s smartphone! Actor Chris Evans, known for playing Steve Rogers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, opened up about his setbacks with his new iPhone. In June, Chris Evans decided to scrap His iPhone 6S after years of loyal service. Instead of playing sports, the actor opted for the iPhone 12 Pro over the latest generation model.

There seems to be a conclusion Somewhat sadHe explains in an interview with Collider. The story really started on the Instagram account, where the actor shared a photo showing the transformation of this smartphone. He talks about his memories with his old model, criticizing in particular its charging time, its autonomy and the questionable quality of some displays. However, this older model had a good idea Propose a home button.

Apple almost disappeared from the universe “flaw” Today for the famous actor. He is also upset He thinks the shape of the iPhone 12 Pro is too imposing. “My new phone feels very heavy. I know that makes me the world’s oldest dinosaur, but the problem is… there it is […] It seems very heavy. It’s too heavy”, Chris Evans explains. Note that the actor didn’t specify the model, but the images suggest that this is indeed the iPhone 12 Pro model and not the Classic or Mini version.

The change is significant for the former Captain America, which goes from the smaller iPhone 6S (4.7 inches, 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1 mm, 143 grams) to the iPhone 12 Pro. To accommodate its 6.1-inch screen, the model has dimensions of 146 x 71.5 x 7.4 for a weight of 189 grams.

The iPhone SE? It’s not for Chris Evans

The arguments presented by the actor are not new. But he is There are lighter alternatives And especially in the catalog of the Apple brand. In addition to the “classic” or “mini” iPhones, the brand offers iPhone SE 2022 In a retro form and close to the expectations of Chris Evans. This model still has a home button and has dimensions close to the iPhone 6S; The A15 integrates the bionic chip into the transmission. About being like this, the actor doesn’t – Like us – not fully convinced of the interest of this small model.

Again this year, the There is a trend towards larger models And Apple will drop its “mini” range. Despite the feedback from users who often lament the lack of compact models, these have struggled to sell and are becoming increasingly rare. While Apple will replace the smaller iPhone with the larger iPhone 14 Max, it will be necessary to turn to Android to find a higher-end model… and a compact one.

Note that Chris Evans is present Acting in the film gray man, with Ryan Gosling. The film will be available on Netflix on July 22, and the former Captain America will also be available on the Apple TV+ platform.

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