Firefighters fear that weather conditions will worsen for the next few hours

Firefighters fear that weather conditions will worsen for the next few hours

Almost six days after the fire started, two giant wildfires have destroyed almost 11,000 hectares of vegetation and are still not being repaired, according to a recent report from the province. But most of all, firefighters now fear the weather for the next few hours.

The Gironde is not finished with its two fires. A number of fires threatened the Dun du Platin camps last night and they had to be evacuated. The next few hours promise to be complicated, especially since the fire has covered 300 hectares since this morning despite the heat and wind. But now firefighters are worried that these winds will shift the thrust to the southwest. And by this evening, he should be heading north, north-east this time. So it was decided to completely evacuate the village of Kabanak. Only 2,000 people were affected.

“We must not return to the fields we vacate.”

Langen’s vice-president Vincent Ferrier said it shows we must continue to respect evacuation orders. “For a few days the residents of Cabanac and Villacranes felt a bit further away from the fire and said ‘why didn’t we go back’. We understand why we didn’t allow this, because with the wind changing direction, we would have struggled if we had authorized this income,” he explains, calling for collective responsibility. Before.

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