[Effectif] Physical work is more than last year

[Effectif] Physical work is more than last year

The Free lunch Piladin near Nawata provided us with two interesting articles immersed in the group. After discussing the merits of the chosen location, Regional daily This internship is zoomed in on the content of the product.

This summer preparation, as a whole, has been special compared to previous seasons with the November and December gap leading up to the World Cup. In this context, bearing in mind the physical difficulties experienced at the end of the last season when some players were burned and no longer responded to physical damage, the Paladin staff changed their plans. And Arnaud Souget believes this: “We work a lot, there is a lot of load, but that is the goal of the preparation. The objective is fulfilled. The players and the staff learned about what needs to be improved. We have increased the physical and total load.”

The young central defender, Maxime Esteve, completes the words on the right side: “We’re on a different run with a lot of races.” Seeing the progress Joris Sodard has already made this week “To regain rhythm, strength, speed, power. It’s warm here, it helps to dry faster”.

Such physical strain led Olivier Dal’Oglio and his team to cancel Friday afternoon’s practice and resort to treatments and balneotherapy. Some players (Savanier, Nordin or Sainte-Luce) have already had to cut their plans. After the day’s meeting against Barcelona, ​​Espanyol will gradually take physical condition with tactical sessions and the ball in order to get in the best shape for the first day of the championship against ESTAC.

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