Weather Saturday July 16: Very nice and warm

Weather Saturday July 16: Very nice and warm

By Regis CrebetMeteorologist

Vacationers can rejoice: Another beautiful, warm day at the beach or pool. But not everyone is on holiday, and high temperatures can be painful in the south, again pronounced in Aquitaine.

To remember:

– Persistence of scorching heat in the south, more pronounced in Aquitaine.

– Dry and hot air is still a risk factor for vegetation fire.

— North of the Loire the heat is still fair, though rising again.

Weather Conditions:

The Atlantic High has moved over the British Isles. This creates a dry flow towards the east. So much heat is currently in the south of France, while in the north, the heat is increasing slightly, but not too much for the time being.

Area wise details:

Northwest, The afternoon is sunny and warm. Breathing temperatures during the day rise quickly and it can be hot, especially in the Atlantic arc. In the English Channel, a little breeze cools the heat.

From Ile-de-France to the northeast, The weather is very good. We breathe in the morning, sometimes 10° to 13° only in the countryside near the Benelux, 15° in Paris. Later, the temperature rises to 26° to 30° under full blue skies.

Great Southwest subjected to intense heat. The morning was warm and warm again in Aquitaine (35° to 40°C locally) due to dry land air. The atmosphere is warm.

in the southeast, It will be as hot as this Friday, when records were broken in Languedoc-Roussillon. It may not be too hot, but the atmosphere is still warm under the blazing sun. Offshore winds will temporarily change the heat wave along the coasts. Corsica and the Côte d’Azur are not on the brink of a heat wave.

In the Middle East, it’s sunny and warm again. Morning temperatures are mild and it is important to take advantage of it to ventilate houses and apartments. But in the afternoon, values ​​start to rise again in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes after a rest on Friday (around 35°C).

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