The American Celera can fly on 500 L of hydrogen

The American Celera can fly on 500 L of hydrogen

Otto Aviation announced on June 15 that it intends to equip its Celera 500L with a hydrogen-powered electric motor. To achieve this goal, the start-up turned to Zero Avia, a company specializing in electric planes. Hydrogen. The Anglo-American company is responsible for designing the 600 kW zero-emission engine. For now, the prototype flies with the RED A03 engine from German engine manufacturer RED Aircraft GmbH in Adena. It is a 500 horsepower piston diesel engine.

According to its designers, the Celera 500L will have a range of around 8300 kilometers. A performance allowed thanks to its highly rounded fuselage, which gives it the air of an airship. Otto Aviation actually promises that the plane’s aerodynamics “reduce fuel consumption by 80% compared to other similar aircraft.” The Celera 500L is a commercial and utility aircraft capable of carrying six passengers at a maximum speed of 740 kmph. Production of the device should not begin before 2025. Currently, the Celera 500L is in the process of being certified by the US authorities (FAA).

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