Massive data leak at La Poste Mobile following attack

Massive data leak at La Poste Mobile following attack

La Poste Mobile has recently been the target of an attack. Organized by Lockbit, it allowed a group of hackers to get their hands on the personal data of tens of thousands of customers. These are available now… unfortunately this is just the beginning.

La Poste Mobile One
Are you a La Poste Mobile customer? Your personal data may already be in the jungle // Source: La Poste

Lockbit probably means nothing to you, but this group of hackers recently became the target of a successful attack Mobile Post. Today we learn that the data of several tens of thousands of the operator’s customers is now in the wild. Lockbit actually carried out its divestment threats because it did not acquire majority shareholder La Poste Group. Ransom amount requested.

Specified by the site Jadas, Lockbit demanded several hundred thousand dollars from the group on July 7, leaving only four days before its broadcast. This initial broadcast will be the first step for Lockbit, which threatens to expose a second database in the coming days. Note that La Poste Mobile currently has 1.5 million customers.

Multiple, accurate… and up-to-date data

According to Zataz’s observations, the disseminated data is exhaustive and concerns both mobile and Internet customers of the operator. Customers’ first and last names, their emails, their physical addresses and partial banking information and phone numbers appear. Other leaked files also appear to include La Poste Mobile’s landline customers’ identities, subscription information and termination information.

As the site’s founder, Damien Bunkel, points out, this data leak is out of control. The leaked data is actively used by hackers and shared on the dark side of the web to carry out attacks and attempts. Fishing.

For affected customers, the possibilities are very limited, but it is possible to file a complaint with the competent authorities and alert the CNIL, which monitors the GDPR. On a personal level, it is strongly recommended that you change your email address and your phone number as soon as possible. This data will be exploited by hackers in the coming months, if not long ago.

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