Here are 31 new emojis coming to your smartphones soon

Here are 31 new emojis coming to your smartphones soon

New ones Emojis Edition 2022-2023 coming your way soon Smartphones. Let’s say Sunday is World Emoji Day. In this case, Emojipedia The candidate shared a list of emojis. These will be incorporated into the computer standard that establishes Unicode 15.0, the universal computer language.

It will be necessary to wait until September for these new pictograms to be definitively verified. Then they will be available on all smartphones android And iOS. And, although the list is still growing, all the emojis provided by Emojipedia should see the light of day.

Only 31 new emojis

By 2022-2023, these emojis will be 31 in number. A particularly low vintage compared to the previous two years. In fact, 334 in 2020 and 112 in 2021. So this is the least new emojis.

Between October and December 2022, new ones will be available, including a face that says no, left-hand and right-hand stops, all available in all skin tones. In the animal section, we find a moose, a donkey, a blackbird, a duck and a jellyfish. Conversations can include: a wing, a hyacinth, ginger, peas in their pods or maracas.

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