Fires in the Gironde: “Criminal thesis” wanted due to extreme weather risks worsening the situation this weekend

Fires in the Gironde: "Criminal thesis" wanted due to extreme weather risks worsening the situation this weekend

The Bordeaux prosecutor’s office indicated that the investigation into the causes of the Landras fire in the Gironde had privileged the “criminal thesis”.

“Criminal Dissertation Privileged” An investigation into the cause of the Landras fire is one of two fires that have already been extinguished Gironde nearby 7,700 hectares of forest As of Tuesday, Parquet announced the floor of Bordeaux. he told AFP “All avenues continue to be explored“and that’“Not in police action”. In the Landras sector, forty kilometers south of Bordeaux, 4,500 hectares of forest burned.

“The criminal thesis is privileged” in the investigation into the causes of the Landras fire, one of two fires that have destroyed nearly 7,700 hectares of forest in the Gironde since Tuesday, the Bordeaux prosecutor’s office announced. #AFP

– Agence France-Presse (@afpfr) July 15, 2022

Extreme weather conditions

And this Weather Doesn’t improve the situation. wind This Thursday and Friday will come from the northwest, They will change course Come from the northeast this Saturday and Sunday. This northeasterly wind blowing at a speed of 30 kmph is likely to dry up the vegetation further. extreme temperature (up to 42°C) the region will experience between Sunday and Tuesday.

#Fire These 2 sat images (24 hours apart) indicate that the wind has shifted from northeast to northwest in the Gironde where the two main eruptions spread. Wind speed of 30 kmph, temperature above 30°C (Max: 38°C) and humidity below 30% will favor this event.

— Guillaume Séchet (@Meteovilles) July 14, 2022

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