Dbrand turns an ugly pun into a stroke of genius

Dbrand turns an ugly pun into a stroke of genius

Accessories brand Dbrand sure knows how to get people talking. The company is riding a wave of nothingness and introducing leather covers and shells for (mostly) smartphones inspired by the aesthetics of the phone (1). Although they didn’t aim for it, the brand is answering the calls of tech fans who want to see this design on their smartphone with them.

Source: Dbrand

You might be part of this category of people who don’t want to replace their smartphone right away, but who appreciate the effort that went into the design of the first-born. Telephone (1). What if you could still give your smartphone this look?

Dbrand creates “something” from “nothing”.

After various teases and speculations, Nothing Bone (1) is finally in the hands of the public. Dbrand (a company that provides leather covers and accessories for smartphones and consoles) has found a fun alternative to take advantage of the hype surrounding the release of a smartphone.

The company now offers unique skins and cases titled “Friendly”. Something (opposite of nothing) At the same time the smartphone was introduced. These continue the mobile’s distinctive and rugged look in appearance (1) and allow you to apply this style to a limited selection of smartphones so far.

Deemed “Theft”

DeBrand is known across the Atlantic for somewhat sarcastic marketing. The company has already managed to show its no-nonsense tone by seriously responding to Sony in the past with a “Go ahead, sue us.When she was Threatened with legal action to supply replacement black plates for PS5.

So it is not surprising that the company offers this type of product. Dbrand skins are usually smaller Easter eggs Fun, for example, are the GPS coordinates pointing to the ghost town of Nothing in Arizona.

dbrand is nothing
An easter egg hidden in some skin in the form of GPS coordinates // Source: Dbrand

The series of accessories is currently available in limited quantities and will initially be offered to the iPhone 13 Pro Max, Pixel 6 Pro and Galaxy S22 Ultra. Buy a skin for your wireless charger MagSafe If you feel it.

Dbrand also plans to release a version for the Nintendo Switch and says other devices will follow based on requests.

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