How to untangle a genuine fake

How to untangle a genuine fake

Decryption – Memory is a capricious elf. We can forget, change, find memories anew… with good faith.

“The difference between false memories And the real ones are like jewels: always fakes are more real and more brilliant…” Salvador Dali captured the dynamic reality of a memory well. ourremember A video does not work like a camera, whose film we can watch on demand: our remembered autobiography is a more or less faithful reconstruction of what we experienced. Rather than being set in stone, memories are alive and must be recreated each time we recall each event.

remember arises from a complex set of mechanisms, neurobiological, but also dependent on psychological and affective factors”, recalls Pr Thierry Baubet, psychiatrist at the Avicenne Hospital in Bobigny. For example, this explains why people who encounter common memories may have the impression that they did not live through the same events. Researchers…

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