Hyperloop plans to pursue the impossible

An artist’s impression of the Spanish Geleros project with the Hyperloop train circulating in a tube placed on pylons. Zeleros

INVESTIGATION – Nearly ten years after Elon Musk posted plans for this high-speed maglev train online, no commercial lines have been put into service.

Travel in powered capsules In vacuum tubes, at a speed of 1000 kmph. This will reduce travel time between urban centers. For example, Los Angeles-San Francisco can be made in 30 minutes, 1 hour 25 minutes by plane and 9 hours 30 minutes by train; A Paris-Madrid in 60 minutes, 2 hours 5 minutes by plane and 10 hours by train, compared to Abu Dhabi-Dubai 15 minutes, 40 minutes by plane and 3 hours by car. By emitting zero CO emissions2. That’s the promise of the Hyperloop, the high-speed train of the future, an idea popularized by Elon Musk, chairman of SpaceX and Tesla.

The concept is old. In 1914, within the framework of the Universal Exhibition in London, we owe it to the French engineer Émile Bachelet, who presented the prototype of a train with magnetic levitation, so-called levitating, without contact between the wheels and the infrastructure. A track fitted with magnets. It reached a speed of 480 km per hour. But this technology, called MagLev, has only…

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