Google is saying goodbye to one of its video calling apps

Google is saying goodbye to one of its video calling apps
Google is saying goodbye to one of its video calling apps

It’s not really a missing link, but rather a connection between the two applications.

After various bans, the appeal of video calling apps has increased drastically. In June, Google announced that it would merge Google Duo with Google Meet to create a single app. With this merger, Google Meet is the only service that offers video calling under the Mountain View company’s dome.

“In the coming weeks, we’ll be adding all the functionality of Google Meet to the Duo app, so users can easily schedule a video meeting at a time that suits everyone, or continue using video calls to connect with a person instantly. A group. Later this year, we will rebrand the Duo app as Google Meet, our unique video communication service at Google, available for free to everyone.” As Google explained last June. For Google Duo users, there is no need to download Google Meet, a simple update is enough.

Google Meet, the complete app

First of all it is important to note that Google Meet is accessible for free and is already integrated into Gmail. However, the paid version costs less than 10 euros per month. Specifically, it allows access to online help and 100 GB of storage in Google Drive versus 15 GB for the free version.

Since 2020, Google has added more than 100 features and improvements to its video calling app:It includes a highly intuitive interface, virtual backgrounds and effects, live captions, and features that help people feel what they’ve seen and heard, such as automatic lighting settings and noise cancellation. We’ve improved quality and reliability, and introduced new moderation controls to help keep meetings safe and productive. The tech giant clarified in June.

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