Germany will stop buying Russian coal on August 1 and oil on December 31

Germany will stop buying Russian coal on August 1 and oil on December 31

The main challenge will be to meet the existing demand during the Union European Reuters reported that Cookies said Russia would cut 158 ​​billion cubic meters (bcm) of gas a year.

“In a few weeks we won’t have Russian coal,” he told the Sydney Energy Forum, co-hosted by the Australian government and the International Energy Agency.

Russia previously supplied 40% of Germany’s coal and 40% of its oil.

“Anyone who is familiar with the history of the Drushba pipeline, which was already a tool of the Soviet empire in Eastern Europe, knows that getting rid of this dependence is no small feat, but one that we can achieve in a few months,” Kukis said according to the same source.

Germany is rapidly building liquefied natural gas (LNG) import terminals to help fill the gas supply gap, but the country has indicated that the United States and Qatar could together supply Europe with about 30 billion cubic meters of gas in the form of LNG. , which still left a huge void.

“We couldn’t have imagined this problem,” said Cookies.

If Germany is focused on transitioning to net-zero emissions and has recently passed legislation to accelerate the development of renewable energy projects, gas will be essential to the transition, he argued.

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