Bluetooth is revolutionizing and these new features will radically change your experience

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Usually, a new version of Bluetooth technology comes out to improve the user experience. Nevertheless, the new specifications from Bluetooth SIG, the company that governs the technology, are special.

“Our members have overcome many challenges over the past few years to complete the largest specification development project in Bluetooth SIG history”The organization’s boss, Mark Powell, explains.

Improved performance and new features

These new specifications are called Bluetooth LE and have been finalized recently. First, the new technology brings significant performance improvements.

Among these improvements is the LC3 codec. “Extensive listening tests show that LC3 will provide audio quality improvements over the SBC codec included with Classic Audio, even at a 50% lower bitrate. Developers can use this energy savings to create products that offer longer battery life, or in cases where the current battery is sufficient, reduce the form factor by using a smaller battery »Manfred Ludsky, Head of Audio for Communication at Fraunhofer IIS explains.

In other words, the power consumption of future Bluetooth headphones and earphones may be reduced, but not at the expense of audio quality.

In terms of features, Bluetooth LE introduces Auracast, a feature that allows one device to stream audio to an unlimited number of devices.

Another innovation, multi-stream. In essence, this feature allows a sending device, such as a smartphone, to stream multiple streams simultaneously to the headphones. According to the Bluetooth SIG’s explanations, currently the devices can only broadcast one stream to one of the headphones. Then, it sends a stream to the second listener. It already provides good quality, but the method is not optimal.

Thanks to Bluetooth LE and its multi-stream function, a smartphone can broadcast a special left stream and another special right stream, which are independent.

“Developers can use the multi-stream audio feature to improve the performance of products like truly wireless headphones. For example, they can provide a better stereo imaging experience, make using voice assistant services more seamless, and make it easier to switch between multiple audio source devices.On this topic, Nick Hahn, Chairman of the Bluetooth SIG Working Group on Hearing Aids, explained.

Bluetooth LE products are coming soon

Also, along with all these improvements, Bluetooth LE should also enable better accessibility and improved product features to help people with hearing problems.

According to Bluetooth SIG, the first consumer products supporting Bluetooth LE are expected to arrive in the coming months. And availability should increase during the holiday season.

However, Bluetooth is making its revolution at a time when wireless headphones and earphones continue to gain popularity, and almost all smartphone brands are abandoning it. Jack plug (And some don’t coordinate More headphones on the packaging of their products).

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