At 15, Clement was the youngest bachelor of Normandy

At 15, Clement was the youngest bachelor of Normandy
Kane Clement is the youngest Normandy graduate
Clement, a student at the Jeanne d’Arc High School in Caen (Calvados), has completed his Mathematics and Physico-Chemistry diploma two years ahead of schedule. ©Christophe Jaquet – Freedom

The Undergraduate Results Published everywhere in France on Tuesday July 7, 2022. In Normandy28,692 high school students bagged their diplomas, including nearly 16,000 in the public exam.

Among them, we find Clement Lescade de Maneuil. At 15 years and 7 months, it was him The youngest bachelor According to the Academy, this year in the region.

An almost negligible difference.

I find it funny, but it doesn’t add up to much.

Always scout

A few days later, the big boy seems to have moved on, posing behind his round glasses and smiling. Sitting on the terrace of a new family home, undergoing renovation, at Corbiketnearby Can (Calvados) and from the airport, he is waiting to go to scout camp. “Life in nature” for two and a half weeks, in the Ardennes, among about thirty group members. Four years of scouting “allowed him to learn to manage”. And to make “good friends”.

He found some at Jeanne d’Arc High School in Caen, not far from Arnano Stadium. It was there, first and last year, that Clement prepared for the baccalaureate. without much apparent stress. Despite distance education in 2021, Covid-19 is compelling.

High school went well with him, his mother justifies Charlotte, but “he managed himself”. Worked from home to some extent and expected to help him further with his “Bag S” with a scientific mind.

He had control. He is very autonomous and we can trust him.

Clement summarizes: “I was still able to work and follow without problems. »

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Additionally, specify well

Its results emerge from this. The younger Norman baccalaureate received the best note. Slightly: Average 16.01. “The jury gave him 17 points [qui lui manquaient, sur 1600 au total] Along with the grades on his school record,” says his mother. Clement expected less. Disappointed after a physics test, he says, “I wanted honors. “The lessons were hard. “He was 17. As with mathematics, his other specialty, he has many facilities and tastes. He was less into philosophy, not really his thing. Throughout the year, “I couldn’t answer the questions properly,” he admits.

The main innovation of the new baccalaureate, the excellent oral, went well. “At first, I wasn’t afraid of it,” Clement swears, still as calm as ever. “Even if you don’t have much time, you can choose your subjects” to prepare them. He worked on diving submarines, where it was Archimedes’ question of pressure and thrust and the cooling of engines.

Good Grades “Without Working”

In Corbiket, the branch of the Lescade family has three children. Among them, Clement was the only one who skipped classes. This allowed her to graduate two years early, ahead of her older sister who was entering her final year. “He could read and write when he went back to school,” says Charlotte, who, like many preemies, avoided CP. It was his mistress, Sophie, on the Montpellier side who found him.

Rarity jumped into college in second grade. Ongoing 5e. “It all started with a poem to learn”, Charlotte begins. Clement indulges: “I didn’t work on it, I had 20.” The good student admits that:

I didn’t do much in class, I was bored.

Inside the institution, at Chartres, a meeting with a psychologist and an IQ test “showed him to have a great memory,” his mother explains, adding, “He didn’t do anything to be very good. The college decided to move him to a 4.”e, it was there that he had to go to work, to provide the efforts that had cost him so far. “It encouraged me. “But, at that time, relationships with others were “a little complicated”. According to Charlotte, “the age difference was felt”.

In preparation for the beginning of the school year in the can

Moving to Calvados to follow his parents’ professional changes was life-saving. “Two years ago no one knew about him. In high school, the gap was less visible, and his situation less exceptional. In the terminal, in his class, they were three people born in 2006.

Clement will be 16 in November. For now, he presents himself very little. At the beginning of the school year, he enrolled in the PCSI preparatory class (Physical, Chemical and Engineering Sciences) at the Lycée Victor Hugo in Cannes “without difficulty” via parcours. And don’t know what to do next.

His father, Gale, intervenes after a placo installation session:

It is better to walk locally. Since Clement is still a little young, we preferred making it in a can.

Exit, of course.

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