Uber files: Whistleblower, former Uber lobbyist Mark McCann is the highest ranking.

Uber files: Whistleblower, former Uber lobbyist Mark McCann is the highest ranking.

Uber’s former Irish boss Mark McCann has revealed to the Guardian thousands of internal and compromising messages exchanged within the US company.

Former Uber lobbyist Mark MacGann spoke on July 11 and revealed to the newspaper Guardian He was behind the Ubers files leak. As a reminder, several hundred thousand internal messages were exposed during the day, revealing the privileged relationships that brought together the American group Uber and Uber. Emmanuel MacronA young economy minister at the time.

Mark McCann shines a light on Uber’s practices

So Mark McCann is the originator of the revelations about Uber. As a reminder, over the past few days, Uber Files has created a lot of buzz around the world. The former Irish lobbyist and the former head of Uber in Europe, Africa and the Middle East wanted to redeem himself – in the past, more precisely, in 2014, Mark MacGann visited the office of Emmanuel Macron with the company’s founder Travis Kalanick.

According to him, in A video As shared by The Guardian newspaper, Mark McCann felt the same “He’s the one who’s been talking to governments, he’s been pushing Uber in the media, he’s been telling people to change the rules because the drivers are going to benefit and people are going to have a lot of economic opportunities. »

Since then, the former Irish lobbyist has been overcome by regret (or any number of other reasons), believing he can no longer even look at himself in the mirror because he’s been living a lie: “We sold a lie, how can you satisfy your conscience if you don’t speak out against the way people are treated these days? “.

Mark McCann endorsed Emmanuel Macron in 2016

The newspaper reported the world, there are several SMS exchanges between the former Uber lobbyist and current President Emmanuel Macron. The two would have concluded a secret agreement in Percy following several meetings in the former economy minister’s office.

Exchanges, meetings and SMS between Uber France teams and François Hollande’s government are all leaked. The secret agreement between the two parties had an interest in helping Uber consolidate its positions and its power in France. the world Especially the quote Recommends agency to provide ready-made amendments to parliamentarians. Elysee noted in self-justification Picaro Emmanuel Macron, who was the economy minister at the time, via Agence France-Presse Naturally exchanged with many companies involved in a profound change in services that occurred in the years mentioned, this should be facilitated by untying some administrative or regulatory locks..”

About former President of the Republic François Hollande, he told the newspaper liberation That he is notwas unaware”When explaining At the level of the Élysée, there has never been the slightest knowledge of the deal. »

Emmanuel Macron
President Emmanuel Macron reportedly entered into a secret deal with Uber in 2016 // Image Source: The Kremlin

Uber says Mark McCann ‘is not in a position to speak credibly about our business today’

Following the scandal and Mark MacGann’s scathing revelations, Uber did not hesitate to defend itself and respond to its former chief lobbyist in an email sent to Agence France-Presse. We understand that Mark personally regrets his years of loyalty to the former management team, but he is in no position to speak credibly about Uber today. »

According to the US company, Mark McCann will have received up to €585,000 in cash following a dispute with the company. Cashing the check forced him to raise the alarm. »

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