“Uber Files”: E. Macron would have helped consolidate VTC in France – LINFO.re

"Uber Files": E. Macron would have helped consolidate VTC in France - LINFO.re

An investigation by the International Federation of Investigative Journalists reveals Emmanuel Macron’s involvement in the establishment and consolidation of the American company Uber in France when he was economy minister. Elysee, however, denies any support.

Privileged links between Uber and Emmanuel Macron

Many media including the world And France infoThe investigation is based on thousands of internal documents Uber The special ties that united the Rakshasa American VTC And Emmanuel Macron, when the latter was Minister of Economy (2014-2016). Documents released to the International Federation of Investigative Journalists explain how the head of state acted in favor of Uber.

A “okay” Secret

A would have been “okay” Confidentiality between the two parties, as per the world Based on testimonies and documents. Daily Stimulus”Meetings in the minister’s office, multiple exchanges between groups (meetings, calls or text messages)Uber France And Emmanuel Macron or his advisers. The news media cited specific minutes of the meetings written by lobbyist Mark McCann.

e. Macron accused private interests of scrapping labor laws

After the press revelations, the Left accused the President of scrapping the labor law for private interests. Some procedures are intended to help Uber In France, its positions are consolidated and isolated. Emmanuel Macron Considerable efforts have been made to facilitate the company’s operations in France.

Élysée and Uber’s reactions

According to Elysee, E. Macron was “Naturally exchanged with many companies involved in a profound change in services that occurred in the mentioned years, this should be facilitated by untying certain administrative or regulatory locks”. beside him, Uber She pointed out that she wasn’t making excuses for her “past”. “We ask the public to assess what we have done in the last five years and what we will do in the coming years”He added, reports Dispatch.

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