How did Uber position itself in France?

How did Uber position itself in France?

Emmanuel Macron’s decisive role in the arrival of the American VTC company Uber in France.
Disclosures by Radio France’s Investigative Unit with the International Federation of Investigative Journalists.

We are in 2015, the head of state is then in Percy, and the American giant is preparing to land in a nervous, not to say hostile environment … but at that time the Minister of Economy will do everything to support and relax the American. Law…

There’s evidence: 124,000 documents, testimonials, text messages, supporting… meetings with bosses and this secret deal where Uber makes its own amendments…

On the 1 pm news show

  • Covid: The 7th Wave is well established. An average of 120,000 cases per day.
  • Heat wave: A 10-day heat wave begins this week.
  • NATIONAL ASSEMBLY: The Left’s motion of censure against the Bourne government will be put to a vote on Monday with little hope of passage.
  • Russian gas: Europe is entering a period of great uncertainty about continuing its imports.
  • Assassination of Shinzo Abe: The assassin’s mother was from the Moon Sect.

A Week in Their Lives (Episode 1): “We Put the Milkman’s Round Back in Place” – They rediscover the locker at Roubaix

This week, we’re in Roubaix… the pioneering city of zero waste… where it’s possible to get out of single-use plastic, companies are setting an example, and we’re starting with the fast-growing start-up “Le Fourgon”. Its electric vans that deliver drinks to homes and above all collect all the bottles.. glass bottles of course!
A soap opera deal was signed in Sara Quipado, directed by Lucy Lemerchand.

Festival tourism

Today, the Paris L’Été Festival, with Lawrence de MagalhasAssociate Director.

More than 30 events – July 11 to 31, 2022

Theater, dance, circus, music, performances and plastic installations occupy many well-known and unusual spaces in the capital, often outdoors and outside traditional performances.

National monuments, schools, parks and gardens, museums, swimming pools, squares, churches… are invested in a friendly and festive spirit to shake up the relationship with the public.

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