Michael Dell, an admirer of Israel and a Jew, is the founder of the famous computer company Dell.  — Valley of Israel

Michael Dell, an admirer of Israel and a Jew, is the founder of the famous computer company Dell. — Valley of Israel

Michael Dell (1), an admirer of Israel’s achievements, was born in 1965. Houstonto do Texas, in a Jewish family whose name reflects the English translation of the original German Tal/Yiddish (valley), the name was changed once the Dell family immigrated to America. The son of Lorraine Charlotte (née Longfan), a stockbroker, and Alexander Dell, an orthodontist, Michael Dell attended Herod Elementary School in Houston, Texas.

(1) Ynet: With a big “Shalom aleichem” (‘peace be upon you’ in Hebrew), Dell founder and CEO Michael Tel opened the Dell Future Ready conference in Tel Aviv on Sunday. Dell, a Jew and known supporter of Israel, opened the conference by describing his enthusiasm for the new digital age as the heart of Israel: “Israel’s performance has inspired the whole world, and it is important that we are in Israel. Here the technology increases about 10 times every five years. “)

According to (1): “Born into a Jewish family of German descent. Michael Dell is the CEO and founder of the famous computer company Dell. Dell is now the third largest computer manufacturer in the world.

Forbes magazine recently ranked Michael Dell as the 37th richest person in the world. Since 1999, Michael Dell has donated more than a billion dollars to community organizations and major medical research centers to fight poverty around the world. (1) By Noam Mosséri – Famous Jews © All Rights Reserved)

Dell Technologies, Inc. is a Company American Third largest producerComputers In this world. Its headquarters is located here circle In the state Texas.

Although Dell computer is very popular Computer It designs, manufactures and sells to individuals and professionals as well as markets Enterprise serverssystems Backup And Data storage and specific equipment Computer networks.

Also offered by Dell Software And peripheral devices such as Printers, Digital cameras, and many more. Dell listed Nasdaq at New York Listed in 2013 and re-listed in 2018, until 2013 under the DELL code.

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