In the secret village of Éourres, “the little mecca of the New Age movement”.

In the secret village of Éourres, "the little mecca of the New Age movement".

Controlled Villages (1/4) – The inhabitants of this town in the Hauts-Alps cultivate an ecological utopia on the borders of sectarianism.

Eurasian Special Envoy,

Talking about factions?Julian* watched us like a journalist from 10 kilometers away. This 40-year-old father doesn’t know what to do between noon and two o’clock, and here we are. He welcomes us on a deck chair laid out on a wooden terrace amidst the trees. His house, still under construction, already achieves the feat of being out of the way of Éurres (Hautes-Alps), a small village far from civilization. Here, Samu takes an hour to arrive. The nearest train station and supermarket are 45 minutes away by car.

At a time of incessant condemnations from his campCarbon footprint, however, our interlocutor, an LFI enthusiast and a user of RSA for a few months, decided to set up shop. First from this utopian Yvelines, “out of phase“with”Our communityHe wanted to live in the environmentchange“. He found what he was looking for with this rural and agricultural micro-community.

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