Danger! If you see this, take refuge

Danger!  If you see this, take refuge

A hurricane is unpredictable

Because a tornado is unpredictable (burst, path, strength), many scenarios can arise. Some reactions are common sense, but the decisions of every person under severe stress do not always respect that.

expressive movement

Pictures taken by an amateur from Florida. They were caught on May 31. Visible circulation in this cloud heralds a strong risk of a cyclone. If you see this movement while observing the cloud, here’s what you should do:

Find a solid-looking shelter near you (gas station, store, restaurant, etc.) and take shelter there. Once inside, go to a room with no basement or window. Mobile homes should be avoided. If you can’t find firm shelter within your reach: Lie down in a ditch as far away from your vehicle as possible, as it may be swept away by the eddies.

If you can’t get out of your car:

Fasten your seat belt and cover your head with a blanket or cloth if you can. Glass breaks easily and can cause severe cuts.

To remember:

  • Staying under overpasses or bridges is a very bad idea! Their structure is such that the wind there is more powerful, so the debris projected there is more dangerous.
  • 50% of tornado deaths occur in mobile homes. Stay away from tornadoes: They are unpredictable and can change direction suddenly.

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