Oqee improves and fixes many bugs

Oqee improves and fixes many bugs
Freebox Pop and Android TV: Oqee improves and fixes many bugs

In the program, better audio/video synchronization and many other problems are becoming history.

It’s time to restart your player. Free announces the launch of a new version of Oqee on devices running Freebox Pop and Android TV. This version numbered 1.2.2 brings significant improvement and many fixes.

In fact, the developers explain that they have integrated a new synchronization mode between sound and image, a “tunneling” mode. This option will address some of the issues subscribers are experiencing with audio/video lag on some TVs and Android boxes. On Android TV devices, this feature can only be accessed by going to Oqee’s settings and in the TV section, clicking on “Enable Tunneling”. It is not available in pop player.

The developers announce that they have solved several problems with the TV interface:

  • Fix black screen with DASH HDCP error
  • Fixed a crash when trying to record a program longer than 4 hours
  • Correction to player channels list Unable to load the following programs when the program is more than 6 hours old
  • Fixed an audio management issue in OQEE in Player Pop that had the effect of disrupting the functionality of the YouTube app

As a reminder, the Oqee app is now available on all compatible devices for Freebox mini 4K subscribers. This includes mobile, Android TV boxes and televisions, Apple TV 4K and Samsung connected TVs.

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