Meta is burying its crypto wallet, Novi

Meta enterre Novi, son portefeuille crypto

Meta (Formerly Facebook) Burial NewIts crypto-wallet was launched in early 2021. The US company is calling on users to get their funds back.” soon “.

Meta is burying its crypto wallet, Novi

Since the launch of Novi in ​​2021, Meta has implemented several commercial activities to promote its crypto-wallet. However, statistics indicate that the digital wallet is not attracting enough users.

Over the past few days, Zuckerberg’s company has informed users of Novi’s impending shutdown. They need to get their funds back as soon as possible.

From July 21, users of Meta’s digital wallet will no longer be able to add funds to it. From 1R September, they can no longer access the account.

The closure of this crypto-wallet is an admission of defeat for the American company. Remember when Novi started, Meta promised users to be generous with remittances. Apparently, the American giant could not achieve the expected goals.

Sure, Meta abandoned Novi, but the team didn’t put the key under the door. The company has announced that it wants Build and use Meta’s capabilities on blockchain to launch new products like digital assets over the years, especially MetaWares “.

As a reminder, Novi is only available in the US and Guatemala.

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