According to Cnil, TousAntiCovid is almost useless

application TousAntiCovid sur iOS

The latest CNIL report is very scary for TousAntiCovid. After months of promotion by the government, according to the commission, the application will be used very sparingly. In fact, there are quite a few conditions that need to be met to fully utilize its features.

TousAntiCovid app on iOS

Since its launch in October 2020, TousAntiCovid has been disconnected from all pages. It must be said The application is far from unanimous. Its real utility, to begin with, has often been questioned, Sometimes even by associations that demand accurate reporting of its results – And, they never get. Then, we were also entitled Scandal involving the use of confidential French dataAlthough the government has said that nothing should be stored on that side.

Whereas today the usage is more or less fell into oblivion Following the deregulation of Health Pass, CNIL comes to hammer home the point a little more with its latest report released this Monday, July 4. First observation: No TousAntiCovid Not getting any major update This is not surprising given the current situation and measures related to the pandemic over the months. On the other hand, the Commission is correct on one point: only TousAntiCovid has proven “Marginal Utility”.

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TousAntiCovid is actually a very complicated job to work on

In other words, The CNIL does not really believe in the true usefulness of TousAntiCovid. Its contact tracing system, which theoretically allows users to be alerted when they cross paths with an infected person, is in fact subject to Many conditions Must be really useful. This is one “Depends on the number of actively used applications”Underlines the CNIL in particular.

too As Cédric O says, TousAntiCovid is the most downloaded app in historyThis fact should be addede Bluetooth must be activated on both smartphones involved And their owners have entered their medical status into the system. Not to mention the connection will fail. gold, “Contact Tracing Activity Usage Statistics […] doesn’t seem particularly high”The CNIL specifies.

Therefore, the system recommends using the app Only during periods when the risk of contamination is high.

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