You no longer have to pay 7,500 euros to exercise this option

You no longer have to pay 7,500 euros to exercise this option

The latest update for Tesla vehicles, version 2022.20, brings something very unexpected: sound notification when the traffic light turns green is available to everyone.

Tesla Model 3 Propulsion-4
Source: Anthony Voner – Friendroid

Once is not the norm, the developers of the software that equips Tesla vehicles have added a remote functionality that appeals to most owners. That would scare off willing payers. Fully autonomous driving capability for 7,500 eurosBecause the function has been reserved for them until now. It is a small sound signal to inform the driver that the traffic light has turned green.

A practical feature, but previously paid for

For people who are distracted when stopped at a traffic light, it’s very handy to hear a discreet beep to let them know they can go. It’s been possible for a few years now if you’ve paid for full autonomous driving capability (FSD in English for full self-driving), which costs 7,500 euros in software integrated with Teslas.

Of course, in this option, there are other features, but a small community of Tesla owners appreciated this sound signal, assuring them that they could get back on the road, and then considered it an integral part of the option they paid in gold. .

Tesla Model 3 – Autopilot
Tesla Model 3 on Autopilot Navigation // Source: Bob Zooey for Frandroid

As the 2022.20 update starts rolling out worldwide, all Elon Musk company vehicle owners can get a taste of this practical functionality from today.

Tesla is responding to demand from a significant number of owners who won’t pay for fully autonomous driving capabilities, but This opens the door to other highly-requested additions, which will make future buyers consider purchasing an option that comes with the order..

In fact, if we consider that the American manufacturer is going to include as standard more and more features reserved for those who have paid for an option, we can wonder if it is more interested in paying the order than waiting patiently for the order. Provided free of charge.

One of the most requested driving aids by Tesla drivers who only have basic Autopilot, for example, is automatic lane change. Today, at a minimum of 3,800 euros, it is necessary to have the “Advanced Autopilot” option, so that the vehicle automatically changes lanes when the indicator is activated. But in the future, if it is integrated into the basic offer, like some other manufacturers, the interest of the payment option will be very low. If the addition of Green Light Notification is any indication of what’s to come, we can’t imagine more additions coming soon.

However, we imagine Tesla’s long-planned 100% autonomous drive will always be an option.Elon Musk considers it a financial investment.

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