June 2022 Weather Report: High temperatures, record storms and destructive hail

June 2022 Weather Report: High temperatures, record storms and destructive hail

By CYRIL DUCHESNEMeteorologist

After a very dry spring, much of the country was well watered this June, causing a sharp decline in surface dryness. It was also marked by violent storms, a record frequency of hail mainly in central regions and intense heat in the middle of the month with many broken records.

With an average of 2.8°C warmer than France, this June is the 2nd warmest month in June, tied with 2017 and well behind 2003. Note that this June is the 5th month in a row with above-normal temperatures.

In terms of rainfall, this June is the first month of the year with excess rainfall. After a particularly dry May, we saw an average rainfall surplus of 42% in France, with a 66% rainfall deficit. Areas from the Mid-West to Burgundy were the wettest, while Languedoc-Roussillon to Corsica saw less rainfall.

Despite the often unsettled weather, the sun managed to shine generously over France, with the country’s average surplus of about 11%.

Thunderstorm activity was exceptional. According to Météorage’s lightning strike data, June 2022 was the month with the most lightning strikes since 1989 with 206,257 lightning strikes and the most for the first half of the year.

Several episodes of severe thunderstorms

Pentecost weekend Marked by very unstable and stormy weather, hail and strong winds were notable in the Massif-Central and inland between southern Normandy and Île-de-France.

From 20 to 26 June, several thunderstorms spread mainly along an axis extending from New Aquitaine to the eastern borders. Large hailstones and very heavy rain fell, thus significant damage.

The earliest and most intense heat wave with a heat wave warning

The eastern and southern 3/4 of France were affected by an episode of extremely hot weather in mid-June. Stronger heat concerns the southwest and the Mediterranean interior. Absolute temperature records were recorded at 42.9°C in Biarritz and 39.2°C in Dorps! Several monthly temperature records were broken: 40.5°C in Bordeaux, 40.1°C in Angers, 39.1°C in Nantes, 39.0°C in Blois, 37.9°C in Orléans and 36.6°C in Besançon.

This heat wave, which started on June 15, has not been recorded since 1947!

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