United States: Failed introduction of autonomous taxis

United States: Failed introduction of autonomous taxis

LRegular taxi drivers are not in immediate danger of losing their jobs. On the night of June 28-29, some of the self-driving cars of American company Cruz, a subsidiary of General Motors, reportedly stopped suddenly in San Francisco. BFM TV. These six autonomous taxis broke down in the middle of the road and caused traffic jams for hours. Without explaining the origin, Cruise apologized for these malfunctions.

“We had an issue earlier this week that caused some of our vehicles to be tied together. Although the issue has been resolved and no passengers were harmed, we apologize to everyone who was inconvenienced,” said a spokeswoman for the American company. TechCrunch. Evidence posted on social media revealed that technicians had to go to the site to repair the vehicles.

The incident comes a week after self-driving taxis began commercial operation in San Francisco, and Cruz confirmed the right to charge customers in early June. This means that the fascination around autonomous vehicles, especially for shared applications, is growing across the Atlantic.

However, this is not the company’s first controversy. Last April, one of his cars was stopped by the police who wanted to fine him for leaving his lights off at night. However, as the driver was not accommodated in the vehicle, the police did not know who to send the fine amount to.

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