Mercedes reduces the EQS's turning radius with a simple software update...and pays!

Mercedes reduces the EQS’s turning radius with a simple software update…and pays!

In China, Mercedes offers owners of the EQS an interesting option. Thanks to the subscription and software update, it is a question of activating the maximum angle of the steering rear wheels.

Mercedes EQS
Mercedes EQS

The Mercedes EQS is an electric limousine from a German manufacturer. We could try, and it’s true that its steering wheel rear wheels really impressed us. These reduce the turning radius. By default, the maximum angle of the rear wheels is 4.5°. For 1,600 euros, in France, it is possible to choose a maximum angle of 10 °.. In China, Mercedes offers this option… as a subscription!

700 euros per year for rear steering wheels

According to our colleagues at the site CnEVPost, Mercedes charges 4,998 yuan or 714 euros per year for the option. As in France, this option can be taken directly from the Mercedes Me portal after delivery of the car. In other words, in France or China Mercedes produces a single version of the EQS, capable of reaching a 10° steering angle. However, by default, the angle is limited to 4.5°, so you have to pay to “unlock” the maximum angle through a software update.

The difference is that in France, the option is not in the form of a subscription, but a payment with the order or after delivery. In China, it’s an annual subscription, so we imagine that if it’s suspended, the maximum angle of the rear steering wheels will be immediately reduced in a software way. However, Mercedes offers an interesting advantage to Chinese customers: Opportunity to test functionality for free for 3 months.

Tesla also offers subscription options

Prior to EQS release, this subscription It was a rumour In Europe, even if the German manufacturer chose not to offer this option in subscription form on the old continent. We can quote Tesla, Provides few options for remote activationLike heated rear seats in the first generations Model 3 Power increase of electric motor in Standard Range+ or Long Range version.

He is one It’s a shame to have to pay for a mechanical feature already in the car. The option to get an order for a single payment is already a bit far-fetched, but the idea of ​​an annual subscription is even more ridiculous. A customer does not actually pay for access to a service. In America, Tesla offers Autopilot as a subscriptionBut with upgrading software updates (Or decline, in Europe) driving aids.

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