Copyright 2022: National Education complains after lessons are leaked

Copyright 2022: National Education complains after lessons are leaked

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The National Institute of Education files a complaint after the college’s patent lessons are leaked

Education – The Ministry of National Education informed AFP on Thursday, June 30, of its intention to file a complaint after the lessons were leaked. College Certificate Examinations It will be held on Friday.

The ministry said the relief subjects will be used for history-geography and science tests on Friday due to a “proven leak”, which will simultaneously register a complaint and launch an internal administrative investigation.

According to Rue de Grenelle, the leak was discovered through “photographs of subjects circulating on WhatsApp.”

On Thursday, 850,000 candidates began the College Patent exam, working on French and math tests.

The exam will be held on Friday along with Science including History-Geography and Moral and Civic Education and Life and Earth Science (SVT) and Technology.

The College Certificate, valued out of a total of 800 marks, is half based on continuous observation for Class 3 students.

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