Be careful, your PS5 storage is incompatible with cloud gaming

Sony has introduced its new PlayStation Plus subscription offer. Thanks to Cloud Gaming the premium package allows you to play streaming video games. Problem: If you play on PS5, you will not have the right to your storage.

PlayStation Plus Visual
PlayStation Plus after the June 2022 redesign // Source: Sony

This is a very grim situation for the brand new subscription service which started at 16.99 euros per month. If you are a player PS5Sony’s latest console and you are a brand new subscriber PlayStation Plus PremiumSony’s best subscription, you may be penalized for your gaming experience.

One of the great benefits of the premium subscription status is access to streaming games Cloud gaming. It replaces the PlayStation Now service previously provided by Sony. Unfortunately, for technical reasons, you can not find your game storage in the cloud service or only under certain conditions.

Sony does not know how to manage its generational change

Scene here: You start the game Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morals You’ve already played a few hours on the PS5, but this time from the streaming service, whether on PC or PlayStation. The game may no longer be installed or you may want to play it on your vacation spot on the laptop, whatever! You pay for the PlayStation Plus premium and want to use your subscription to play Cloud Gaming.

Miles Morals Premium PS Plus No Savings
Source: Sony

There is also hiccups: the service does not find any backups in the cloud. Forced to start the game anew and repeat the same tasks. However, thanks to the PlayStation Plus you made sure to transfer your PS5 game storage to the cloud.

No PlayStation Plus storage
The service could not find a backup // Source: Frandroid

The reason is simple: Sony’s cloud gaming service currently uses the PlayStation 4s and the brand does not know how to manage console generation conversion. For good reason, the format of the game stored on the PS4 is not on the PS5.

Deficiency that becomes a problem

With the release of the PlayStation 5, this has already caused some issues for Sony. PS4 Save Game Some games had to be updated to allow the PS5 version to be imported into the game. All you have to do is change your console for the new generation and continue your game.

Here, discomfort catches Sony again and becomes a real problem on the user’s face. Because the streaming service runs on PS4s, you will not be able to find even if your PS5 storage is transferred to the cloud. If you start a new game in Cloud Gaming and you have the misfortune to continue your game on PS5 with save and import, you will create a section and split your storage. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Cloud Gaming. You import a backup on your PS5, finish this Mission 3, and finish Mission 4. The formats do not match, so the next time you start playing the game in Cloud Gaming you will still be ahead of Mission 3: your progress on the PS5 will not be recorded.

Simply put: switching from cloud gaming to the PS5 or vice versa is unlikely to sustain your progress. If you want to play games on PS5 … we are talking here in PS5 version.

Solution: Do not play games on PS5 version anymore

There is one more solution: Play PlayStation Games on your PS4 version on your PS5 thanks to backward compatibility. In this case the file format is well compatible and you can enjoy the cloud gaming service well. In this case, you will not really benefit from the power of the PS5 or the support of DualSense. Farewell The Retracing Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales for example.

You have to wait patiently until Sony offers to run games on the PS5 version from Cloud Gaming. Only then can the same improvement be shared between cloud gaming and PS5.

And with competition?

It is difficult not to talk about the state of the Xbox ecosystem. At Microsoft, since the launch of the Xbox One in 2013, all game storage has been automatically stored in the cloud and for free (cloud storage is paid for on the PlayStation). The company has released an update on the Xbox 360. Backups can be synced properly on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles or Cloud Gaming. You can always see your progress.

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