Unicorn Sorer claims to have made a profit

Unicorn Sorer claims to have made a profit

Called the BFM Business suite, Sorare is Thibaut Predhomme’s No. 2, which ensures start-up profits that allow it to “get into the future”.

Announced by the French Unicorn Sorare A partnership with Kylian MbappéWho is the “Investor and Private Ambassador” Internet game NFT-based athletic badge transfers.

This Wednesday BFM Business Guest, Sorar’s No. 2, Thibaut Predom, welcomed the partnership with the Paris SG striker. Opportunity to look back on the good results of a $ 4.3 billion start-up claiming more than 1.8 million users worldwide and 250 clubs and partner sports companies.

“We are not affected by what is happening in the cryptocurrency sector. We continue to grow very significantly and the volume of transactions on Sorare has increased again,” he assured.

Profitable Unicorn

In the first half of the year, Unicorn recorded “over 200%” growth. Profit that allows him to “get into the future” in the future, according to Thibaut Protomine.

“This is especially important when you’re a young company. A lot of start-ups have amassed large sums of money, grown a lot, and are not profitable. This is not always the right strategy. It’s not a layoffs or correction of development plans, it’s not a trend in the sorority,” confirms Unicorn’s chief executive.

The company looks beyond football and is the game it started. Sorare now has the ambition to expand into American and women’s sports, such as its partnership with the North American Baseball League (MLB).

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