Extreme heat in the south this weekend

Extreme heat in the south this weekend

By Cyril BonaphoeMeteorologist

In the south this weekend high temperatures, even very high temperatures are set. The latest models bring low boiling air over France, which makes it possible to avoid the heat wave.

After a cold break in the middle of the week, a counter-rotation ridge between the Azores and Central Europe will be rebuilt as the cold front passes across the country. Warmer winds will rise in the south of France from the Mediterranean and Spain.

Extreme heat to very high temperature: up to 37 C

Heat is expected to intensify from the south this Saturday afternoon. Values ​​in the entire south often exceed 30 C. 34-37 செல் C peaks are possible in the Toulouse and Provence plains. In the north, the average temperature is between 21 and 28 degrees Celsius. On Sunday, higher temperatures will more or less affect the same areas and a 38 ° C peak is possible south of the Rh பள்ளne Valley.

The more protracted heat chapter in the Southeast

Under the influence of the Iberian Depression, the weather can quickly change from southwest to storm. In this case, even if we stay in the warm air, higher temperatures will return to the southwest, except near the Mediterranean. So the strongest to strongest heat will last from the south of the Rhne Valley to the Provencal interior. We observe that the heat wave limits are higher in these Mediterranean areas. We remind you that you need to cross the night and day limits for at least 3 days to trigger a heat wave alert. Limits in these regions range from a minimum of 22 to 24 degrees Celsius and a maximum of 31 to 35 degrees Celsius.

So the heat will return on the first weekend of July. This may be appropriate for some of you going on vacation. So plan for the hottest, hottest weather to reach your vacation spot. However, under the influence of light winds coming from the Northeast, the values ​​will be more breathable in the North.

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