Darkest day of the week

Darkest day of the week

Heavy thunderstorms in the east settle in the center of France. The Mediterranean coast and Brittany maintain a clear and sunny climate.

Last Thursday, June 30, the weather was getting worse due to the improvement in the cold weather coming from the west. Weather Channel *. It will continue to rain between the Paris Basin and the central regions. Weak rain in the southwest. In the middle of the afternoon, it rained with thunder in the calm warm air between Lyonnais and Alsace. Southeast and Brittany are free from bad weather. Temperature Temperatures vary greatly between west, cold and east.

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In Brittany, Pace de la Lower And Normandy, The sky will be cloudy in the morning, but rain is still rare. Only in the afternoon does the backward sky run again, often giving rain. Nevertheless, between rains, the gaps become wider and wider. Temperatures in the afternoon are only below normal at 15 to 20 degrees Celsius.

On top of thatIle-de-France And this Hots-de-France, The sky will be very cloudy in the morning, with light to moderate rain at first, which gradually moves east in the afternoon, leading to a relatively dormant backward sky. Temperatures are low during the season, with afternoon values ​​ranging from 16 to 20 degrees Celsius.

Of Fresh Aquitaine To do Center-Lower ValleyThe weather is dark and rainy. It continues to rain in the central areas. The improvement occurs during the day and evening with a return from the west and some rain. The maximum temperature is only 15 to 19 degrees Celsius, which is clearer than normal values ​​at the end of June.

Of ‘Avern-Ron-Alps To do Great EastGoes through Burgundy-France-Comte, Good weather opposed to Rh மற்றும்ne and Chan in the morning in the morning, the rain also affected the western departments. In the afternoon, before the cold, storm cells grew between Leonis, Lorraine and Alsace. These storms are strong, with significant accumulations, strong winds and hail. Temperatures vary from 15 ° C in the Never to 32 ° C in the Alsace and Rhne Valley between west and east.

In PACA And CorsicaThe sky will be clear even if some high clouds come around. The maximum temperature is seasonal and ranges from 27 to 33 degrees Celsius.

In Occitania, There are many clouds in the morning. A few drops in the afternoon is possible. Good weather, on the other hand, is sometimes obscured and resists around Lion Bay. In the evening, the wind blows at a speed of 60 to 70 km / h, strengthening the Tramontan. Temperatures vary between 16 and 30 degrees Celsius between the western and eastern parts of the region.

* La Chaîne Météo is the property of the Le Figaro Group.

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