Ahead of the Arab League summit, regional nations oppose the appointment of an Algerian bookcase in Libya.

Ahead of the Arab League summit, regional nations oppose the appointment of an Algerian bookcase in Libya.

UN Security Council calls for immediate end to hostilities in Libya Algeria has been rocked by the rejection of its former diplomatic leader Sabri Poukatom’s candidacy for ambassador. UN The United Arab Emirates, which represents the Arab world in the Security Council, blocked the appointment, prompting strong opposition from those hosting the next Arab summit.

Last Monday, June 27, 2022 in New York, the United Arab Emirates officially rejected the candidacy of former Algerian Foreign Minister Sabri Poukadom, who is not a permanent member of the UN Security Council. , UN Security Council calls for immediate end to hostilities in Libya UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has submitted a vacancy for the post of Ambassador. Emirates spoke on behalf of regional countries.

This setback is too severe for Algerian diplomacy. I.e. the UN. As the representative of the Arab countries in the Security Council, Algeria at this time aims to host the next Arab League Summit.

Algeria, appointed by rotation in the alphabetical order of the member states of the Arab League, was scheduled to host the Arab summit last March by President Abdelmadjit Debon, who had already been denied by the first adjournment of the conference. Except for the extraordinary summits, which are always held in March each year.

To save face, Ennahar Online, a medium close to the Algerian generals, visited the UN in Libya. The Security Council requested that in addition to the International Atomic Energy Agency’s ongoing inspections in Iran, that it monitor Iran’s compliance with “the steps required by the IAEA Board”.

The United Arab Emirates, however, has made it clear that they are not alone in believing that the appointment of Pookdom in Libya is inappropriate. In fact, they stated before other members of the Security Council that “Arab countries and Libyan parties have expressed their opposition to the appointment of the former head of Algerian diplomacy.”

Le360 learned from well-known sources that “the countries of the region oppose the Algerian candidacy, and Emirates has explained this opposition only to members of the Security Council. In addition to the Emirates, Morocco, Egypt and Libya strongly oppose the appointment of Algerian mediators in this case.”

The rejection of the Algerian candidacy is first explained by a question of policy. “We must not set a precedent because there is a clear conflict between the nationality of the mediator and the interests of his country, which is direct in relation to Libya. .Algeria’s candidacy has come at a critical juncture for the military regime, which has launched all its campaigns to present the Arab League summit as an event of the century.

This summit is off to a bad start from day one. The Algerian regime ruled Algeria the same way it ruled. This led to a series of announcements, which were canceled one after another. Algeria initially failed to give a signal to the summit. In the beginning, we are reminded that this must be the summit of the offensive against the Arab states that normalized relations with Israel, as well as the “Sahrawi cause.” The Algerian regime has been subjected to drastic restructuring by member states of the Arab League. First by the reaction of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and then by order of the Arab League Secretariat.

In fact, in the final statement issued at the conclusion of the GCC Summit in Riyadh on December 14, 2021, the Gulf states reaffirmed their firm stance and decision in favor of Morocco in the Sahara. Morocco’s security and stability and its territorial integrity.

In December 2021, the Secretariat of the Arab League sent a memorandum to all affiliated organizations recommending that they adopt a unified map of the Arab world, including the full map of Morocco, including the Western Sahara. This card will be hoisted in Algiers if the summit of the Arab League is ever held in Algiers, as if to put a stop to the failed regime.

After the failure of the attack on Morocco, the Algerian regime sought to make Syria’s return to the Arab League an issue at the expected summit in Algiers. Preliminary question separating member states. “The Algerian regime wants to manage this summit as it manages Algeria, that is, by imposing improvements as a matter of practice. However, organizing a summit by one person is not with development,” the Moroccan ambassador commented.

After the Syrian brackets, the regime retreated and withdrew its unifying discourse on the Arab world, but in reality the ruling military junta in this country could not claim this role in any way because of the various issues of interest to the Arab world. , Which has a role Spoiler. There is no resemblance between the slogans repeated by the regime and its actions. The Algerian regime does not have the role of a creative actor, including Libya. “The Algerian regime cannot take advantage of a constructive move on the Libyan file. It has always played its part in making the torpedo being built,” the Moroccan ambassador noted.

Moreover, while Boukadoum was still head of Algerian diplomacy, President Abdelmadjid Tebboune in an interview with Al Jazeera confirmed that the Algerian military was not going to be idle in toppling Tripoli. One would think that the Russian-Egyptian-Emirati alliance would almost certainly hold hands in the Libyan capital!

For these reasons, and for the many Algerian diplomatic turmoil, there is certainly no Algerian who can present himself as the man of the situation in Libya.

We must recognize that Algerian diplomats receive bad news when they run for international mandate, for example, as evidenced by the passages of Ramdேன்n Lamamra and Smoil Sergui, the leaders of the African Union’s Peace and Security. They have always served the agenda of the Algerian regime, rather than the continent, as double-payers.

UN nominee for UN ambassador to Libya This explains why, for the second time in a row, a former Algerian foreign minister sees the rejection of a member of the Security Council. This is the system of Sabri Pokadom, his predecessor in the Algerian Foreign Ministry after Ramdேன்n Lamamra was blocked by the United States in April 2020 from becoming UN Secretary – General’s Special Envoy to Libya. Will be pitifully rejected. At this rate, it would be difficult for Algerian diplomats to drop the stamp Series loser.

The Algerian regime, which is always disrupting what is happening in its Moroccan neighborhood through news releases and media outlets from its megaphones, is, at this point, deaf and dumb in the face of the new snap that has been attacked by global Arabs. Amar Belani, who has been wandering around Morocco all day, withheld his opinion on the matter. Erasing the regime’s slogans at the next summit of the Arab League is harsh and destructive.

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