After Web3, Jack Dorsey is already thinking about Web5

Most web users already have a hard time understanding Web3’s policy, but Jack Dorsey is already thinking about Web5.

The Web3 GAFAM promised a few months ago to expand the World Wide Web by freeing itself from intermediaries. Forcibly, it should be noted that it is still in its infancy. This concept is still struggling to impose on Internet users. Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey has a lot of ideas to take it to the next level.

Leaving the blue bird to dedicate itself to the blockchain, Jack Dorsey now has a new project: Web5. Announced on June 10, this project is more ambitious than Web3 and for good reason, it wants to push further decentralization.

To Jack Dorsey, Web5 relies solely on the Bitcoin blockchain. Despite the decline in cryptocurrencies, the entrepreneur believes the non-fiat currency remains a safe value. This should give developers the opportunity to design decentralized applications while at the same time placing users at the center of their activity.

Web2 + Web3 = Web5

Web5’s ambition is to take over Web2’s social functions while deploying the applications recommended by Web3. This new version of the World Wide Web guarantees Mike Brock, president of TBD, a subsidiary of Black. Full autonomy of transactionsWhen venture capitalists prevent future internet users from enriching themselves.

“The goal is to give individuals the right and control over their identity and data”

Web3 is already dead

For Jack Dorsey, Web3 is already history. The founder of Twitter has already criticized the protocol on several occasions and has already considered the new version of the web to be a failure: ““Web3” does not belong to anyone. Venture investors and limited partnerships own it.

In a few years, Web5 ”Brings decentralized identity and data storage to user applications. This allows developers to focus on creating enjoyable experiences while giving people the right to their data and identityTBD guarantees Coindesk. There is currently no calendar available, so be patient to find out what the future holds.

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