Web 3.0 and blockchain: This statement from the creator of the web shocks the community!

Web 3.0 and blockchain: This statement from the creator of the web shocks the community!

Sir Tim Berners-Lee said at a recent conference on The Next Web that blockchain was not needed for the decentralized Internet he wanted to advertise. He has his own ideas on how web2 can be transformed, including a decentralized design that allows consumers Control their data.

Berners-Lee has long argued that his own invention, the World Wide Web, should be disseminated. That’s why, when asked if Web 3.0 meets his needs, He answered a definite “no”.

Objectives of the solid project

Berners-Lee has been working on “Project Solid” for many years. Web3 is based on blockchain, but it’s still built using traditional web tools and open profiles.


Personal data is placed in decentralized databases or “pods”, the Berners idea. Users can host anywhere. After that, users can decide which apps should access their data. The purpose of this project is to ensure Confidentiality, dynamism, speed and scaling.

He said: It does not work when trying to create things like this in blockchain. ⁇

Berners-Lee Solid says there are two distinct motives. The first is to prevent companies from using users’ data to influence elections and create clickbytes. The second is to give Internet users the opportunity to share their data.

For example, trusted services may exchange health information to enhance medical research and improve our care.

Wow! Here finally an NFT auction makes sense! Tim Berner Lee’s WorldWideWeb source code is from $ 1000! If you want to get internet rights

Tim Berners-Lee is no stranger to the world of cryptocurrency. The NFT, with the original World Wide Web source code, was auctioned in July 2021 for $ 5.43 million.

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