U.S. Supreme Court upholds round sentence

Bayer a fait part sur son site internet de son "désaccord" avec la nouvelle décision de la Cour suprême
The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rejected Bayer’s appeal against a German group that paid $ 87 million to confirm a similar decision announced last week.

The court finalizes the ruling that Bayer was forced to pay this amount to his spouses, Alva and Alberta Billiot, who suffered from lymphoma after years of using the glyphosate-based product.

The High Court had already rejected Bayer’s request on June 21 to order the retiree to pay $ 25 million to Edwin Hartman.

Bayer acts negatively

In the new Supreme Court ruling, Bayer expressed his “disagreement” on his website, while insisting that he was “not surprised” by the earlier decision.

But, Bayer says, “there may be other cases, including round-the-clock cases,” coming back to the Supreme Court with the same key issues.

The German team that bought Monsanto for $ 63 billion in 2018 is embroiled in a number of herbal-related lawsuits in the United States.

After some setbacks in US courts, Bayer recently filed four verdicts in his favor.

10 billion deal in 2020

The panel has already reached a $ 10 billion deal to settle cases in the United States by 2020. But the latter does not include the actions of future victims.

The German company has already set aside $ 6.5 billion to deal with these new procedures (an additional $ 4.5 billion after initially rejecting the previous contract of $ 2 billion).

Higher fees may be charged for new complaints.

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