Mario Fueli: “Kapilis has the right to self-determination”

Mario Fueli: "Kapilis has the right to self-determination"

Canadian politician Mario Beaulieu, a staunch supporter of the people’s right to self-determination, recently took the lead in defending Cable’s cause in the Maple Country Parliament. He explains it.

Ferhat Mehenni, the head of the Kabyle Provisional Government in Ottawa, used the column on June 15, 2022, to call on the Canadian government to condemn the arrest of hundreds of Kabyle separatists currently being held in Algerian prisons. What motivated you to take such a strong stand?
I must first say that I have known Mr. Mehny for a long time, having been accustomed to going to Canada, and over time I came to know him and his commitment to the independence of Capilia. According to the information I have received, neither he nor his movement are extremists, as the Algerian government alleges. On the contrary, I personally note that Anawad conducts his struggle in a completely peaceful way, so I urge you to condemn the Canadian government as a politician dedicated to freedom of expression. Arrests. I also point out that I took a similar stance in support of the Catalan separatists following the arrests made by the Spanish authorities in late 2017. Moreover, the Charter of the United Nations makes it very clear that every people has the right to free disposal, and in my opinion the people of Kabbalah can demand it.

Are you from Quebec, and does this have anything to do with the continued pursuit of liberation aspirations? In other words, do you see the current passion of the Kabyle people and the correspondence that led to the recognition of the Cubs as a nation in their own right in the Canadian Constitution?
My quality as a cubes certainly cannot be unrelated to my commitment. In Quebec, we are more aware of issues related to cultural recognition than elsewhere. We are certainly from North America, but at the same time we are fully aware of the uniqueness of our Francophone. We see it as a reason to enrich diversity rather than division. In the Bloc Québécois party I belong to, we believe that the world would be a better place if all people had an equal voice, without submitting to the domination of a centralized political power.

Morocco Hepto On several occasions Mr. Fahnheim has been interviewed, and he has always told us his idea that Anawad, who acts as Kapilia’s ambassador, should have representations abroad. Are you ready to support such an initiative within the Canadian Parliament?
What I can tell you is that my main desire is to help raise awareness about Kabyle in Canada. In particular, Mr. I took advantage of Mehny’s last visit, so he was able to get to know some of my colleagues in Parliament, thereby giving him the opportunity to deliver the word he and his people say directly to them. Here we have a large Kapili community, which is very well integrated with the community and I know many representatives personally, many of whom are still unaware of everything about them, their particular history and their culture. But of course I’m optimistic.

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