Australian Winter: Plain des Chables is completely frozen

Australian Winter: Plain des Chables is completely frozen

Plain des Chappelle shows a new face in broad daylight. Naturally sandy and rocky soils are covered with places with plants with a thin layer of icy crystals and frost.

To appreciate this somewhat impressive view, Elena did not hesitate to do the 2 degrees displayed on the thermometer. “Is very surprising. This is the second time I have seen it. Winter changes“, She insists.

According to some tampons, this is unheard of: “It’s like we’ve been on an island here, it’s always sunny and hot, but in reality it’s so amazing. This is the first time I’ve seen this when we do not live far away.“. For this occasion, Lucas took his drone out despite the fog.”You can see a little bit of the Piton des Neiges Massif. I just wanted it to be immortal. “.

A show that lasts

In their van, Fabiola and Laurent spent the night there. Unfortunately in the morning, vision was poor. However, they did not say that they were disappointed not to see the landscape. “We were never disappointed. No hotel in Reunion can offer us such an event anyway.“So, they have to come back to see that Plain des Chables is covered in frost again.

The frost that has already appeared in the Piton des Neiges in the past is an event that should occur throughout the winter.

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