All Freebox subscribers can now watch TV on their smartphone

All Freebox subscribers can now watch TV on their smartphone

OQEE, Free’s TV application, is now integrated with Freebox mini 4K, Freebox HD, Freebox Crystal and Freebox One offers. Previously, it was reserved for holders of Freebox Pop, Delta or Revolution.

Spear Freebox pop at the same time, OQEE is just the name of the TV interface for Free’s new decoders. Meanwhile, the service has grown a lot. OQEE is now an application available on many connected devices Smartphones, Tablets, connected TVs and some TV sets (Apple TV). It allows free subscribers to access services such as Live TV, Live Control, Replay or Cloud Recording from anywhere.

On Tuesday, June 28th, OQEE was announced to be free to extend to all of its regular subscribers. This app is now accessible with all its offers, including older offers.

The second free decoder

What can OQEE be used for? It is important to understand that the interface of older TV decoders does not develop. The Freebox mini 4K, HD, Crystal and One retain their old applications, and OQEE is reserved for the most modern freeboxes. For other devices in the house, see the app as a free added bonus to old offers.

So, under what circumstances would OQEE be useful? There are many imaginary scenes like watching live show on your smartphone or tablet without myCANAL, Salto or Molotov subscription. Everything goes through OQEE for free. Then, we can also imagine that the owner of the Freebox Mini 4K buys an Apple TV box to keep a second decoder in a room, without an additional subscription.


Freebox Delta with Apple TV // Source: Free

By extending OQEE to all its offers, it follows an interesting strategy to suit the need of free TV. He is now the operator with the most complete application, while others are generally satisfied with the most basic applications for accessing the channels. To strengthen its environment, we can imagine the creation of an independent version of its subscriptions, and so on.

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